Because of the depth and complexity of the Twelve Doorways of the Soul® healing system, we teach its theory and practice over a series of workshop weekends, each of which introduces different ways of working with the Doorways to enhance and maintain health and well-being.

Successful participants in each weekend will be awarded a certificate of proficiency in the various methods taught.

Workshop Weekend 1:
Twelve Doorways of the Soul®: An Introductory Weekend Course for Practitioners

Over the course of this weekend, we introduce the principles underlying the Twelve Doorways holistic healing system, its origins and development, its relationship with other ancient systems of healing, and two methods of working with it.

The first method is intended for self-healing and the maintenance of good health and well-being. It comprises a combination of meditation, visualisation, posture and enhanced breathing. We teach this first as it helps to be healthy oneself if one is to treat others, and because it is a very good way in which to familiarise students with the nature of the Twelve Doorways, the sequence in which they are activated, and the effects that can be anticipated from their awakening.

The second is for healing others by improving the flow of anma (breath/soul/spirit) through and between the Twelve Doorways of the Soul® without physically touching the client (unless necessary for reasons that will be explained). This form of ‘spirit healing’ has been found to be particularly effective for use with the Twelve Doorways system. You will be shown how to effectively prepare the working space, yourself and your clients in order to maximise the beneficial effects of the healing process. You will then be shown how to work with the sequence of Doorways to bring about healing, regeneration and well-being in all bodily systems. You will also be guided in how to interact with clients before, during and after the healing process to further enhance its effectiveness.

For details of the next introductory workshop weekend, go here.

Workshop Weekend 2: Touching the Twelve Doorways of the Soul®

This weekend focuses on two further ways of working with the Twelve Doorways of the Soul®, through ‘laying on of hands’ and through therapeutic massage.

The first technique is a variation on the ‘spirit healing’ practised during the first weekend, only now we use actual physical contact with the client at each of the Twelve Doorways. Some healers and clients find that such contact enhances the effects of activating and working with the Doorways.

The second technique is a form of gentle massage applied to each of the Twelve Doorways in turn, again enhancing the flow of anma through and between the Doorways. Scented oils may be applied to enhance the process.

Workshop Weekend 3: Breathing the Twelve Doorways of the Soul®

This third weekend focuses on the Twelve Doorways of the Soul® as points of access for ‘shamanic’ healing, i.e. Druidic healing in the context of Britain and Ireland, Druids being the native ‘shamanic’ practitioners of those lands. Traditional healers in many indigenous communities use breath to blow healing spirit into clients and to extract harmful spirit influences from them.

This weekend we will explore various ways of working for healing within the Druidic/’shamanic’ tradition of Britain and Ireland, focusing primarily on the use of breath, but also on prayer, chanting and  drumming. We will be working with native gods of healing and with various animal spirits assaociated with healing in the native traditions of Britain and Ireland.

As with the other weekends, there will be a strong emphasis on practice.

Workshop Weekend 4: Sounding the Twelve Doorways of the Soul®

In this weekend, we will work directly with the Twelve Doorways of the Soul® as conduits for healing using sound vibrations. Each of the Twelve Doorways has its own unique tone, making up between them a full octave, including sharps and flats. This means that the Doorways may be activated by the use of properly pitched tuning forks, applied directly to them.