Introducing the Twelve Doorways of the Soul ®

Where does it come from?
This ancient Celtic healing system derives from a text found in a 15th century manuscript in the National Library of Ireland. Called ‘The Judgements of Dian Cécht’ and dating from as early as the 8th century, this refers to twelve points on the body described as dorus anma, ‘doorways of the soul.’
What is Anma?
Irish anma means both ‘soul, or spirit’ and ‘breath,’ from the same proto-Indo-European root as Sanskrit prana and Latin anima, each of which have therapeutic applications in their own cultures. These and related cultures base medical treatments on the principle that this ‘soul-breath’ is an energy existing all around us in the air we breathe, vital to the maintenance of health and well-being, and to life itself. Disease and bodily injury create blockages to the flow of soul-breath within the body. Conversely, such blockages can create illness. The role of the therapist is to intervene to restore the free flow of anma.
How does it relate to other healing systems?
Comparison with a list of points referred to in Ayurvedic medicine as ‘lethal marmas’ suggests that the twelve doorways were points deemed especially vulnerable to attack and therefore in need of protection, but also at which healing can be administered. Further Irish and British sources, plus parallels in Ayurvedic, ancient Greek and traditional Chinese medical practice, suggest that the twelve doorways are places where the application of ‘energy healing’ may be particularly effective. Initial experiments using myself as a test subject confirmed this.
Does it work?
Amanda Foale-Hart, a nurse with 30 years clinical experience, chiefly in end-of-life care and oncology, supervised trials of the technique, monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, etc. in those receiving treatment. These reveal a strong reductive impact on blood pressure and a marked increase in oxygenation. All twelve doorways are located where major blood vessels are close to the surface. Arterial blood vessels carry oxygen around the body, while veins remove carbon dioxide from it. Anma being a component of air, the increase in oxygenation seems to be a measurable result of the enhanced flow of soul-breath brought about by the twelve doorways treatment. Being breath-related, controlled breathing forms part of it.
How does it work?
The aim of the treatment is to open each of the doorways in turn, beginning at the crown of the head and working down to the feet, encouraging ‘pure’ anma to flow in through them, increasing health and well-being. At the same time, ‘impure’ anma may be encouraged to leave the body. Free flow of soul-breath between the doorways is also encouraged and blockages in the flow resolved as they may be encountered during the treatment.
How is treatment given?
The primary form of treatment is ‘hands-off,’ that is without the practitioner physically touching the client. Exceptions are the doorways located at the back of the base of the skull and the backs of the knees. Here, so that the client doesn’t have to turn over on the treatment couch in the middle of treatment, it can be necessary for the practioner to reach under those areas to get to the doorways. While ‘hands-off’ treatment is the most common form, the doorways offer other avenues for healing through massage, sound healing and a shamanistic breath technique.
How does it compare to other systems?
An obvious point of comparison with the Twelve Doorways of the Soul® healing technique is Reiki. In working with both Reiki practioners and their clients, we have repeatedly been told that the Twelve Doorways treatment is more effective.
Is it unique?
While coinciding to some extent with lists of lethal marmas, acupressure points, etc., the twelve doorways listed in ‘The Judgements of Dian Cécht’ are unique to that manuscript. The specific order in which they are given is likewise unique, and experience suggests that working with them in that order is important to the success of the treatment.
Where can I find out more?
We are truly excited to be offering training in this unique and powerful healing technique for the first time in centuries. Go here for details of teaching weekends. Trained practitioners will receive certification and be contactable via our website.