Twelve Doorways of the Soul®: An Introductory Weekend Course for Practitioners

June 1st – June 3rd 2018

We are delighted to offer this training weekend to introduce potential practitioners to the Twelve Doorways of the Soul healing system.
Your tutors:
The weekend will be led by Philip Shallcrass (Greywolf), who rediscovered the system and laid the groundwork for its renewal, and Amanda Foale-Hart, a professional nurse with 30 years’ clinical experience in palliative care and oncology as well as a sound working knowledge of many ‘alternative’ therapies.
The Weekend:
Training begins with a Friday evening session outlining the origins and the underlying principles of the Twelve Doorways system, where it comes from, how it relates to other ancient healing modalities, and the fundamental concepts behind it. We will also cover how the Twelve Doorways relate to various physical systems within the body.
On Saturday morning, students are introduced to each of the Twelve Doorways in turn, where they are located on the body, how they relate to similar points in other therapeutic systems, which principle bodily systems they relate to, etc.. Students will also be guided through the application of the Twelve Doorways technique to the self through a form of active healing meditation. We will also cover client consultation, preparation for treatment, breath control, etc..
On Saturday afternoon, students will be divided into groups of three, each group being assigned a treatment couch. The three will then take turns to give the treatment, receive it, or observe, guided by our teachers.
On Sunday morning, we will review the work done so far before dividing into our groups again for further practice of the technique.
On Sunday afternoon, there will be further practice, concluding with a review of the weekend.
The Venue:
The venue is Wild Ways, an 80 acre woodland retreat centre in Shropshire that offers a range of accommodation, mainly communal in a large yurt, showers, sauna, kitchen, etc.  Some mattresses are available, but you’ll need to bring your own bedding and towels. Camping is available. For more information on the venue, visit the Wild Ways on the Borle website.
The weekend costs £195 per person, inclusive of all tuition, teaching materials, meals and accommodation. A maximum of 21 places are available. All bookings must be received and fully paid by April 2nd 2018 at the latest. Places may be secured on payment of a £50 deposit with the remainder due no later than April 2nd 2018.
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